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OrbitMigrate - SharePoint Migration

If you are planning to migrate data from your existing Document Management System (DMS) to SharePoint, we have just the right tool for you.

OrbitMigrate - our flagship product - is a proven, efficient, cost-effective solution for migrating business critical content to feature-rich releases of Microsoft SharePoint. Using OrbitMigrate we have helped clients all over the world to migrate their data successfully.

Global sales of OrbitMigrate doubled at the end of 2017 with clients becoming increasing unimpressed with annual maintenance costs and the service levels they were receiving from their legacy DMS provider.

Supported SharePoint Versions:

  • SharePoint 2019 (released mid 2018) - please contact us if you want to be part of the early adopters group

  • SharePoint 2016

  • SharePoint Office 365 online

  • SharePoint 2013

  • SharePoint 2010

Supported Document Management Systems:

  • iManage WorkSite

  • FileNet Content Services

  • Hummingbird DM5

  • Others on request

Key Features:

  • Pre-Flight check to accurately map metadata, security, history and volumes

  • Multi threaded for ultimate performance

  • Direct migration with no intermediary file storage requirement

  • Flexible deployment with Delta capabilities for phased migrations

  • Intelligent options to migrate document security

  • Leverage Existing Infrastructure

  • Easy mapping of Document Classes / Types to SharePoint Content Types

  • Support for all WorkSite versions and metadata types

  • Support for history / audit information

  • Support for MCC and non MCC environments

  • Support of Document Sets

  • Support of Links

  • Intuitive administration interface

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